Like a Swiss-Army knife, our services are "all-inclusive", predicting IT costs has never been simpler!

Mobile Device Management, just one of the slew of Managed Services provided by StandbyIT.

With our Strategic Planning consulting service, StandbyIT can help you understand the IT building blocks of YOUR business.

Solutions that make your IT efficient and effective, whether you DIY, have an IT staff already, or look to partner with StandbyIT!

Cloud Services

Our server is on its last leg, its time to upgrade exchange, our phone system is costly to maintain. StandbyIT offers an abundant amount of cloud hosted services. We've taken the time to research and develop these services to keep your business IT up and running, scale and grow with you, and save money. Great value for the right cost! Click here for a list of all of our hosted services and more information.

Managed IT Support

Susie has a virus and were almost out of block hours for this month, when it breaks let's fix it, unpredictable IT service costs. All these things lead to headaches for employee's/employers, unpredicted downtime, and unwanted risks to your business. StandbyIT offers cost-effective managed support that will help prevent all of the above and much more. Click here to find out how!

Proactive Services

The server was down again, did the backups complete last night? I wonder how old all of our workstation equipment is, and if it's up-to-date on patches and virus definitions? StandbyIT can answer all of these common questions and much more. Whether you have your own internal IT department or look to partner with us, StandbyIT can help. Click here for more information.